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Untitled Document Be-Jays Auto Supplies Celebrates 45 Years!
In a proud statement issued from their company headquarters, Be-Jay's Auto Supply Co. announced that 2004 is the 45th Anniversary of the founding of their business. The company was started back in 1959, when Ike was still President and his Vice President was a young Richard Nixon. Things were good back then. Maybe because steak was only $1.07 per pound! My Happiness was one of the hit songs that year along with Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Mack The Knife, Everything's Coming Up Roses, and The Sound of Music.

What Else Happened in 1959?
Fidel Castro became Premier of Cuba. The Russians shocked us all when they launched a satellite with 2 monkeys aboard. For travel experience geared more to the average consumer, the St. Lawrence Seaway opened to link the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. American Airlines joined in too, as it began the first coast-to-coast service from New York to Los Angeles on the Boeing 707. Yes, when you think about it, things have changed a lot in 45 years. But, after all this time there are some things, which have remained the same.

One good thins is that Be-Jay's Auto Supply Co. is still around and thriving after 45 years of hard work and lots of dedication by everyone involved… and most importantly, caring about customers who helped us reach this milestone.

Be-Jay's Auto Supplies is all about selling automotive products! We do what ever we can to offer our customers the best products and services possible. Our shelves are conveniently stocked to service our patrons. We are also known to offer customer perks, drop on by to find out more.

Products and Services
We have over 55,000 Items in stock, and access to over 100,000!

All of our Items are made in the U.S.A.!

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Key Customer Benefits

1. We handle only major brand merchandise
2. Everything our customers purchase have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your returns will be accepted 100%.
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